65 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog

If you are a blogger, you must know how difficult it is to attract a reader or forget even a bunch of them; drawing just one reader to a blog is challenging. When you don’t have even a tiny amount of resources to help you out during a crisis, the blogging process can get overwhelming.

What do you need then? The best practices to apply to your next Blog. It doesn’t sound that hard, right? Let’s make it a little bit easier for you with the help of 101 Ways to get traffic to your Blog.

After extensive research, we have accumulated 65 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog you must apply on your Blog. We promise to give one or many answers to your “how“. Let’s not wait for the universe to stop, and let’s get moving.

Table of Contents

1. More Communication, More Traffic

While on a journey of driving traffic to your Blog, you need to work on your communication skills. Be more responsive to the top blogs posted by other bloggers. Leave your comments on their blogs, let their audience discover you and check you out. Easy enough?

2. Use Blogging Communities

For a long time, blogging communities have been around. And why won’t you use them when you can? Most blogging communities are very supportive. Share some of your exciting blogs with the community and see the magic of driving traffic happen.

3. Include Your Blogs In Link Roundups

There are dozens of blogs publishing weekly or monthly link roundups in every niche. A list of exciting blogs, their summaries, and the links to these blogs are present in these blogs. You can email a blogger known for creating such lists and ask them to include your Blog on the list.

4. Republish Your Blogs On Top Sites

Check out some of the top blog websites in your niche and make sure if they will let you republish your blogs on their site. You will be credited for your Blog, and if the readers like it, they will come running to your Blog.

5. Create A Solid Blogger Outreach Plan

Simply publishing and sitting back to see the readers inundate your blogs? Not happening. To drive traffic, you need to do some more work! Try emailing all the top bloggers in your niche and asking them to share.

6. Write Guest Posts

Another tip for using top blog sites in your niche? You can write guest posts for a top blogger on their site. You will get to have a bio which will contain a link to your Website. More traffic for you!

7. Trackbacks Should Be Enabled

Whenever you publish a blog on a website hosted by WordPress, it provides you with an option to enable trackbacks and feedback or comments. Trackbacks are automatically sent notifications to those people whose blog link you’ve Included or used in your Blog. Your links are featured in their comment section if given approval.

8. Get Top Media Sites To Republish Your Blogs

There definitely are various popular blog sites in your niche. Getting one blog site to republish what you’ve written is not that hard. Send emails to the top bloggers asking them to republish your blog. If they agree to do so, you will generate traffic.

9. Submit Rewritten Articles To Article Directories

Article directories used to be famous before, they are not much talked about in the present scene now, but that doesn’t mean they are not in use. Rewrite some of your blogs, include the link to your Website in the Blog and submit it to article directories.

10. Be A Consistent Blogger

Consistency is the key to every kind of success. And being a consistent blogger will help you retain your old audience and gain newer ones. Post blogs consistently and generate traffic.

11. Longer Contents Are Preferred

To get your Blog noticed by Google, you need to write long blogs. Various analyses have shown that Google ranks those blogs higher on the page which contains more than 2000 words.

12. Create An Email List

Creating and keeping an email list will help you immensely. Whenever you publish a new blog, you can send an email about it to your list. The more readers visit your blog, the more chances of driving traffic to your blog site.

13. Attract Readers Through Your Emails

Again emails are important, and emails can be used as a tool to convert acquaintances into readers. You can send eye-catchy emails about your blogs to your acquaintance and turn them into your reader.

14. Post Translated Blogs

Other than helping people who know little English, translating a blog into different languages will help it rank on the country-specific search engines. So, you will be able to generate more traffic.

15. Be Included In Google News

Your Blog being included in Google news will be great news for you. You can get Google News to include your Blog by covering the information on some massive events.

16. Write Blogs For People Who Love To Skim

Formatting your Blog and using accessible language help readers decipher what is written. People who love to skim will understand what’s written pretty quickly. The more they understand your blogs, the more they will prefer checking out your blogs, and the more traffic.

17. Post During The Best Time

In your niche, there must be a target audience. Keeping a close eye on when the target audience remains active is essential for driving traffic. Thus, analyze when most of your specific audience remains active and post during those times.

18. Run A Contest

People love contests as they give them free stuff. Running a contest like those who will share your Blog the most will win certain rewards, will get you more traffic to the Blog, and your Blog will get recognition.

19. Have A Social Media Strategy

Just a Social media profile will not earn you new readers. You need to develop a solid social media strategy for yourself. Interact with top influencers and comment on their posts. Join communities and talk about your Blog. Moreover, you can also try sharing the links to your old posts.

20. Interview Or Feature Popular Personalities

Using the face of famous people will attract their fans to your blogs. Thus, you will be acquiring more readers. A great way to generate traffic.

21. Share Button Must Be Present For Blogs

Make it easier for your readers to share the blogs they have liked by providing them with the option to share the Blog. The more significant the sharing amount, the more readers visit your site. You will be amazed.

22. But Include Limited Sharing Options

Don’t let your readers be confused among the various sharing options. Make their choice easier for them and only include sharing platforms that are bound to drive traffic to your Blog.

23. Use Facebook Groups For Promotion

There are varied Facebook Groups solely for bloggers. The members are very supportive too. You can promote your blogs on these groups. But do remember to write something catchy to attract their attention.

24. Promote Blogs On Linkedin Groups

If you are on Linkedin, you must know how helpful Linkedin can be for finding jobs. Linkedin is more accommodating in finding an audience. Promote your Blog on Linkedin and see how readers will flood your Blog.

25. Use Pinterest For Promotion

With interesting images and appealing headlines, promoting your Blog on Pinterest will boost your traffic. Pinterest is one of the best advertising platforms.

26. Short Quirky Audio Message To Increase Shares

A short but quirky audio summary of your Blog will get people interested in reading your blogs. Moreover, small audios are easy to remember and quote. Readers will share the audio and attract a new group of audiences.

27. Use Share Locker

You must have come across some sites that let you read the whole Blog only if you share it on other social media platforms. You, too, can use this feature called “share locker” and compel your audience to share.

28. Regularly Post Infographics

Studies have shown that sharing infographics attracts readers. Infographics are a great way to drive traffic to your Blog.

29. Use Shareables And Tweetables

Tweetables and Shareables can boost traffic. Tweetables are messages highlighted by you from your Blog. And Shareables can be shared on any social media platform.

30. Hashtags For Promotion

We know how important a role hashtags play in Social media platforms. And you can use the importance of hashtags for your benefit. Promote your blogs on Social media and use appropriate hashtags to make your target audience discover you.

31. Drive Traffic By Retweeting Old Articles

Many of your old blogs may lie unnoticed on your blog site. Use your Twitter presence and retweet old articles to boost traffic.

32. Slideshare For Promotion

Those who know Slideshare know how it can be leveraged to gain traffic to their Blogs. And now you do too. Convert your blogs into slides and upload them on Slideshare. Do remember to include the link to your blog site.

33. Quora For Promotion

We see so many people providing answers on Quora, but do you know it can be used as a platform for promotion? Yes! Answer questions on Quora, and with the solution, provide a link to your blog. Make sure that the question you are answering is related to your niche.

34. Participate In Popular Forums

There may be dozens of popular forums in your niche. Join some forums, and contribute valuable ideas and tips to the forum. Keep your blog link in your forum signature. See the boost in traffic.

35. Grab The Opportunity For An Interview

Some blogger from a famous blog site wants to interview you? Say yes! By grabbing this opportunity to get interviewed, you will gain so many new readers to your blog.

36. Interview Owners Of Popular Forums

Try to use the prominence of whichever popular forum you have joined. Interview the owners of the popular forums. Publish the interviews on your blog site, share the links with the forum owners and ask them to share. Another way to attract Readers from other platforms.

37. Let A Podcast Creator Interview You

Podcasts have become quite popular among the masses now. Using podcasts for your own gain has never been a bad idea. If you have an exciting story to share, then go ahead and let the podcast creator interview you. Do not forget to mention that you have a blog.

38. Begin A Podcast

You can even begin your own podcast. Creating podcasts is easy when you have the right equipment and a little knowledge.

39. Participate In The Q&A Of The Popular Site In Your Niche

To participate in the Q&A sessions held by a popular forum in your niche and share the link to your Website once in a while.

40. Use Website Directories, Submit Your Blogs

Website directories are not as popular as before. But, submitting your blogs to website directories can generate traffic, as some people still use website directories.

41. Converting Posts Into PDF And Sharing It On PDF Sharing Sites

Most people visit PDF sharing sites to get PDFs for free. When you convert your Blog into PDF and upload it on PDF sharing sites, more readers will get to access your Blog. But, include a link to your Website in each PDF you share.

42. Submitting Posts On Presentation Sites

Use the top presentation sites as a tool for promotion. Convert your blogs into presentations and submit those presentations to a famous presentation site.

43. Youtube For Promotion

Youtube, the video-sharing site, has gained immense popularity. Use the popularity for your gain. Create a video related to your Blog and upload it on Youtube. With the usage of relevant hashtags, you make it easier for your target audience to discover your videos.

44. Convert Blogs Into Podcasts And Share Them On Audio Sharing Sites

Listening is far easier than reading. You can listen anytime and anywhere. Podcasts help people to consume content wherever they are. Thus, it is better to convert blogs into podcasts for your reader. This way, you will gain more readers.

45. Create Personalized Plugins For Website

Create your own plugins to generate traffic. Develop your plugins in such a way that whenever a person uses them, they link back to your Website.

46. Create An App For Blogging

Creating your own app for blogging will help you boost traffic. When more people begin downloading your app, Google will start promoting your app; you will gain more exposure.

47. Use Image Sharing Sites For Promotion

Share some personalized images on popular image sharing sites linking back to your blog site. This method is proven to attract readers.

48. Promote Other Bloggers On Blogs And Ask Let Them Share

Become a supportive blogger of your blogging community and share the success stories of other famous Bloggers. Ask these popular bloggers to share your Blog with their readers and generate traffic.

49. Develop Case Studies Of Successful Influencers

Be more informative, and provide more information to your readers. Many readers want to become pretty influential in their own niche. Try to share the case studies of some successful influencers of specific niches. These kinds of content are bound to attract readers.

50. Promote Experts And Ask Featured Express To Share

Create a list of experts in specific niches, and publish a blog on them. Ask the mentioned experts to share the list with their readers.

51. Join Helpful Blogging Communities

Many blogging communities are ready to help out their fellow bloggers at any time. Thus, take the help of such blogging communities and promote your content.

52. Take Help From Influential Bloggers

You can even use the help of Influential Bloggers. Maybe, publish something about an influential blogger on your blog site. Ask the blogger to share your Blog with their audience. And in no time you will see a boost in traffic.

53. Optimizing For Search Engines

Focus on optimizing your Blog for Search engines. Most blogs drive traffic from search engines. Thus, optimizing a blog and its content is a must.

54. Cross-Promotion With Bloggers Of The Same Niche

Communicate with bloggers of the same niche, ask them to promote your Blog, and in return, promote their blogs. It becomes a win-win situation for both parties.

55. Make Website Load Faster

When the Website takes too long to run, readers tend to get bored and leave the site. You can stop your readers from getting bored by optimizing your Website to run faster.

56. Keep Posts Fresh, Even The Old Ones

Try to publish new stuff for your readers. Whenever a post gets too old, try to add further information to keep it relatable to the present time.

57. Add Internal Links

Add links of your own blogs to your published blogs. Internal linking is a part of search engine optimization. Moreover, it helps in driving traffic to your Blog.

58. Good Permalink Structure

Permalink can influence search engine ranks immensely. A good permalink helps a website rank higher. Thus, your permalink must contain the title without any extra verbs.

59. Develop Keyword Research Strategy

There are various tools present for researching keywords. You can utilize one of them and develop your own Keyword Research Strategy. In the long run, keywords will help you rank.

60. Develop The Correct Site Structure

Make sure your Website is structured in such a way that search engines can quickly scan your blogs. A perfectly structured website helps with search engine ranking.

61. Mobile Experience Matters

Not everyone can afford a laptop or a desktop. Some people love to consume content on mobile. Thus, a mobile-optimized website is preferred by most users.

62. Create An Ultimate Guide

People love Ultimate Guides. For some individuals, Ultimate Guides are the only guides that could help them. An informative Ultimate Guide does generate traffic.

63. Write On Influential Personalities

When you write about influential personalities, you attract the attention of their followers. Those followers will visit your blog site and check your blogs out. More traffic for you.

64. Use Authoritative Sources As External Links

When you link to authoritative websites, Google assumes your blog to be a verified source of information provided by you. Thus, Google ranks your blogs higher up on the search engine results page.

65. Create Quality Content

This goes without saying; to acquire honest readers, you have to provide honest and quality content. If your readers don’t find anything interesting on your blogs, they will never revisit your site.

Conclusion of 65 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog

There can be many ways of driving traffic to your Blog. But, the ways mentioned above are some proven and verified methods of generating traffic.

If you are a beginner, you may follow the mentioned methods and see your Blog grow and rank higher.

Why website traffic is important?

Website traffic is important for many reasons. The more people see your site, the more potential customers you will have. The number of visitors to your website becomes the number of opportunities your business has at giving an impression, generating qualified leads, sharing your brand and building relationships.

How can I get free website traffic?

You can do Guest Posting. Guest blogging can generate a large volume of website traffic if you partner up with the right blogs

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