Pinterest-The Hidden Gem for Bloggers

How often have you used Pinterest to save aesthetic templates, and home decor or used it as a great creative space to post your designs? How many of you have saved quotes from Pinterest and used them on any special occasion? Well, Pinterest has been an interesting place for it acts as a platform where creativity and freedom meet business. What if we told you Pinterest can help you generate traffic? Especially for your critically written opinion pieces on write-ups we generally call, ‘blogs’ today.

Blogging has been a trend that emerged in late 2016. It has been loved for the honesty and lack of adulterated information it tries to provide. The information provided to you is free from promotions and aims at only consumer experience or honest reviews. Initially, it started off with Travel blogs and then grew into movie blogs and food reviews. Today, this market stands unexplored and monetized as the right, ad management can be the key to getting a better audience for your blog.

Digital marketing refers to the comprehensive effort of utilizing resources online, such that it helps in enhancing engagement on the given product to achieve the desired results. While Facebook, Instagram and the Metaverse along with Twitter or Google Ad Optimization are some well-established methods, some hidden gems which are less known include Linkedin and Pinterest.

Lets read:- Pinterest-The Hidden Gem for Bloggers

What is Pinterest Blogging and How to do it?

Pinterest is a virtual space to pin your ideas and create your own aesthetic space. It can range from the various bands and their members to your next celebrity’s marriage, Pinterest is a dwelling space for gossip, controversies and visually appealing imagery. How can a blog find a space here? Well, the answer lies there, you market your blog using visual appeal, and you can devise quotes, create boards or promote products using your blog that can help users engage with your post. The rule is simple, what does the consumer get if they read your post or spend two minutes of their precious time engaging with the post.

The world of social media is vivid and competitive, it has reduced human attention to literally a fraction of a second. In such an era creating your niche and name not just becomes essential, but difficult. One needs to understand that the initial time is crucial for the ‘Make or break’ of the organization. It is as if this will be a do-or-die situation for them. Pinterest encourages engagement by saving posts to go back to them later, so an effective idea would sell well.

What is Pinterest Blogging and How to do it?

Let us take an example here. If you are a new travel blogger in India you can create a small photo space or a photo stock accessible to your users for free. Even better, you can use that as a way to create quotes related to life or motivation that can resonate well and soon give you a target audience.

Always remember that getting relevant ads is equally important. Imagine a travel blog having an ad for toys and another one having an advertisement for National Geographic, the relevant one would even increase the company’s traffic, thus creating prospects for future investments.

One of the best things about Pinterest is that it allows you to link your products and websites, which makes it both convenient and accessible. Now let us take the metaverse giant Instagram for example, you cannot include a link and even if you can it’s not accessible, and no one has the patience to copy-paste it anyways. Thus, in such cases people post stories, but their life on Instagram is of 24 hours, which makes it difficult. On Pinterest, your posts stay sometimes even for ages till you choose to delete them. Most of the time, clicking anywhere on the post directs you to the link and allows the user to not search. This act of convenience can help you gain loyal followers.

Pinterest is unique as it allows content to be divided and subdivided into categories, while this might seem a disadvantage to many, this will help you gain only the required and interested people accessing your blog, thus giving you an audience that will critically appreciate your work.

The other forms of content include video pins and idea pins, now this can be understood using YouTube as an example. YouTube does not allow you to add links in the video and instead in its description. This makes it difficult for them to indulge viewers in opening another link for you, as the easier option remains to hit the ‘Next’ button. But, Pinterest videos, unfortunately, run on a similar principle and allow you to ‘Pin’ the links which still require some surfing through. The idea pins on the other hand are like E-commerce websites, it requires you to search till you come to a particular product from a specific brand. Therefore because of this, people try creating content that can get views, instead of being Pinterest authentic.

What is found on Pinterest?

What is found on Pinterest?

Pinterest is like that ocean that never sees the dearth of any content. Whether it is animals to bands or music and books, you can see it all here. There is never a mundane day here. You can have the best memes to discuss architecture in Greece at the click of a few buttons. This diversity is what initiates inclusivity. No two individuals are the same and thus their Pinterest preferences can vary, but eventually, the entire world is accessible to them still the same, making it highly user-friendly. Some of the other ‘Hot topics’ on Pinterest include- Cars and automobiles, Art and Artists, Pets, Pop Culture, Geek, Hair and beauty, food, fashion trends, History, Travel spots and many more. While this plethora of content remains undiscovered, it can be of added advantage to you as a blogger to get people from all diverse groups. This would allow a bookworm still read your travel blog and so on.

Is Pinterest Easy?

Pinterest is not a simple game of “Pins” and “Interests”. Pinterest is known for its appeal worldwide. But this fame comes at a cost. Not many businesses are found here, roughly only 30% and all the US mothers have been using it showing how common it is in the States. Creating a purchasing atmosphere on Pinterest is difficult as primarily at the core, this is a platform to express and create novel ideas.

This also means that Pinterest has fewer old-age users and most of the audience is 30 and above, making them quite sceptical about what you sell online. These might look like disadvantages but they’re not. Having a US base for your business can help you earn in a different currency and expand. What it also implies is you can act as a pioneer to attract younger traffic to this app. You can make an approach that appeals to the older population and helps you attract authentic people who are critical of your work towards your blog.

Is Pinterest a Social Media Platform like the Metaverse?

Pinterest is not a place where people engage in talking, commenting or liking which makes this a safe place. It is a place to express and connect with like-minded individuals from across the globe. But it does not force you or allow you to indulge in hate-spreading activities or create a platform for commenting and bullying, which makes it different from Facebook or Instagram.

Here being pinned won’t get you fame but rather it will give you creative freedom which it believes is the purest form of appreciation for an artist. Instead, we can say that to some extent, Pinterest is like a Search engine optimizer that helps its users customize their interface experience and offers them the trend in that field.

People have seen a decline in dependency on Pinterest over some time with the emergence of new features, but if you once start appearing in the ‘Discover’ section of this platform, getting engagement on your blogs would be a piece of cake. Understanding the basics and seeing that this feature is simpler to use than even Google ads, will definitely allow many businesses to be set up here shortly.

Effective ways to Engage Traffic on Pinterest

While many places can suggest ways to increase traffic on Pinterest, one can surely customize and devise better methods as one uses the app. We can see things changing once there are newer updates that we are not aware of.

Based on this, the foolproof methods that will surely work include:

Settings of the account:

Setting up a personal account can be a mistake as you would lose access to all the wonderful tools that come up with the feature. Instead, choose a business setting that would help you maintain professionalism and give you access to all the tools.

Profile Completion

A left out or a profile made with half heart and mind is like losing out on traffic forever. Looking into the small details like an effective name or niche can even help you in branding the blog for the future. Make sure you add relevant posts and pictures to build trust with your user.

Customisation of website

A website that is well made and planned or organized with sections and specific content will be liked more. Similarly, professionally made websites have the right colour combinations and aesthetic appeal to help us engage on the site and actually read the blogs.

Authenticity of website

A disastrous website not done well, or with a scattered algorithm would be a dangerous way to lose out readers because if they are not impressed and instead irritated, they might even engage in negative publicity of the blog which might lead to popular boycotts or cancel culture.

Usage of the right pins

While posting regularly is important, using the relevant pins will allow your posts to reach the trending and discover page faster thus creating a name for yourself in the field. Now a health blog cannot be tagged under fashion if it cannot be justified. One can tag food in health blogs as food is a way by which people choose to maintain or destroy their health.

Selecting the relevant category

Categorizing blogs that are not from mainstream subjects can be difficult. Take the examples of blogs people write commenting on various policies or crimes, now to create a niche or category for that, one needs to find the closest and most relevant category to allow growth and consistency in engagement.

Be an avid user yourself

To receive engagement, engage actively. Use Pinterest to your use and have your own pins and spaces that can help you thrive in the longer run.

Make boards that build the roads of engagement

Always create boards of the brand that would allow users to create pins for your posts and use. This acts as an effective way to increase visibility and have good traffic on the sites.

Follow famous people from the field

Following famous people or brands from the field can give you a chance to collaborate or in certain cases, constant engagement with such famous people can give you a shoutout. In the longer run, this will help you increase your per-post engagement.

Select a Niche

Knowing the category and specific topics you write about can help you be known in that field. Take the example of Lily Singh, a YouTuber and influencer who has even written a book on ‘How to be a bawse’ she selected her niche to be life skills and parent-child relationships and today she is one of the first remembered people in the field.

Be careful while creating your own pin

Creating a pin for your own brand or niche is like defining it. A lot of thought and articulation needs to go into it, such that a unique pin can be created and shows how unique and thoughtful the idea and the creator of that particular blog are.

SEO optimization of content

Optimizing your content and allowing it to be in the first few top clicks of the search bar for your users to pay attention to is a tricky job. Now, this can be done using the available various SEO tools. They boost your visibility and allow you to get more traffic. The methods to achieve so can be done by

Keyword usage

Use relevant keywords that define your website or blog. A blog related to food needs to have the repetitive mention of food not just on the site or blog but even on the Pinterest posts and pins, such that as soon as the keyword ‘Food and blog’ are searched together, your blog is the top one to appear.

Relevant Pins

Never use irrelevant pins as that can slightly mess up the SEO optimization process. To avoid such hassles, make sure you use pins created by you and the ones that define your niche and blog.

Relevant descriptions of Pins

Is adding pins enough? No, describing them with relevant keywords, sentences and phrases can also help SEO get you engagement by allowing your handle and content to appear in the discover section. This would also help your page look well organized, putting across a positive impact for your users.

Article and Blog optimization

The blogs used by you need to be optimized as well. The articles and posts also need to use keywords, pins and phrases, which implies that uniformity is highly important. This means that, if your post has blog engagement it would be so on your Pinterest and vice versa.

Website Optimization

Make sure, the website also appears on the top searches if optimized rightly along with your Pinterest page. This is because it would also encourage direct traffic and Google ads on your blogs thus making them monetised.

Tools For Your Blog Success

For a blog to be successful, discipline and dedication are important. One needs to believe that this is something long-term and contribute towards it every day positively. In such a case one would even pay attention to the content creation that is required to increase traffic. Some of the tried and tested methods that act as tools of success in the Blogging world are as follows:

Scheduled posts

Yes., If you think you will have time tomorrow, you can be wrong, scheduling posts gives the algorithm a space to push your posts and boost them. The computer understands only numbers and time works as a great boost for them.  Regularity will automatically mean post-engagement and is a win-win situation for both sides.

Analyze the Analytics closely

See weekly using the Analytics chart which posts and types of content have done well for you. Devise new strategies to adopt next week and create similar content. This would make your posts more ‘information rich’ and ‘niche specific’ instead of just being all over the place.

Engage with new followers

Know your audience. Make sure you try speaking with your followers and building connections as who knows it can be a door to opportunities for you. Constant engagement with new followers also helps them stay for longer and not be like butterflies who hover and leave.

Know which boards are doing better

Analytics will also show which boards set by you receive more engagement. This is your cue to brainstorm and have similar boards for active user engagement directly.

Using the Share and Follow Button

Using the Share and Follow Button

Have you heard YouTubers shout Like, Share and Subscribe like a tape on record? Well, the likes and follows will work for your posts too. Ask your followers to share your content and save it. Encourage them to regularly use your pins and boards or even tag you. This would help you grow followers who bring with them a world of potential readers you can tap into.

Improvement strategies

Always remember that there is space to improve. Knowing where you lack, in terms of using the right pins, creating a niche, usage of language or just the trends, always know it can be overwhelming and requires constant efforts. Be rest assured this will be enumerated in the long run when your blog gets monetised.

Campaigns and Giveaways

Can Pinterest be a space for contests, quizzes and giveaways? Absolutely, set a campaign with a link that leads to your website and help them read the blogs, answer a few quick questions and grab the goodies. This would be a unique idea and a quick way to gain traffic, as no one can say no to a few freebies.


Watch out for upcoming famous collaborations you can be a part of. Try texting people from your niche and field to collaborate on a blog with you or let them be a part of your special campaign. This would be a great chance to network and have a vivid set of readers from both sides of the blogging world.

Pinterest-The Hidden Gem for Bloggers

Hence, we see that these old yet gold methods help you get your hands-on experience with an app people believe is dying down, but fail to realize is one of the best places even today to get a good following and create a name for your blogs. Pinterest might be old, or not ‘trendy’ but it is one of those apps on which everyone has an account and every once in a while visits it, and lands up dwelling in its scrolling world. There are other methods out there, but learning newer experiments with older tools is what we call real innovation.

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